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Tadaima~! | Happy New Year~!

Hello Everyone~! Happy New Year!!! It’s been a long while since the last time i posted something here and i miss this blog so much because what’s inside of this blog are all about me after all…I’m happy to be … Continue reading

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母の日おめでとう. . .

母の日おめでとう、母さん〜! ママ、いつもありがとう。尊敬してるよ!心から君を愛してるよ!あなたが私のためにして下さったこと全てに感謝の意を表したいと思います。私にとってこの世にあなたの代わりはいない。ステキな母親でいてくれてありがとう!働き者のお母さん。私のことを気にかけてくれて、本当にありがとう。家族のためにがんばってくれてありがとう。いつまでも元気でお父さんと仲良く暮らしてください。 いつまでも健康で若々しいお母さんでいてください。素敵な母さんでいてくれてありがとう!あなたが私の母親であることを幸せに思います。いつもありがとう。 “If I had to be born again, I would still choose you as my mother.” I love you mom…

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私の夕食。食べ物のお母さんありがとうございます。いただきます。母の日おめでとう。愛してるよ、母ちゃん。 うまい〜!Yummy~! Lol,it turned to english?! haha

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NEW HOME!. Visit this BLOG~! A very Special to me owned this. You’ll gonna love this more than mine…

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I remember someone requested to me to upload my pictures playing in the snow…hahaha here!     Two kids playing in the snow too.   Merry Christmas everyone!

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Okinawa Food

Second day in Okinawa,we went to this restaurant. I forgot the name (^^)V Peace. Sorry but the food is really delicious. I really love Okinawa food cause it’s fresh! Hahaha    Itadakimasu~! If you plan to to go to Japan,visit … Continue reading

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Christmas @ KFC

We,Japanese really celebrated our Christmas in KFC. One of our tradition (lol is that our tradition? hahaha) My whole family went to one KFC branch in Okinawa. last Dec. 25 for one full meal!      Itadakimasu~!!

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