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ホワイトデイおめでとう〜! We are celebrating Valentine’s day differently. Well for us girls,haha~! Well, everyone know that Valentine’s day is for Couples only right? Like having romantic dinner, or giving chocolates and flowers on the day of February 14. But for us … Continue reading

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How do i learn to speak English?

Many people and many friends of mine keep on asking me why i can speak English fluently? Well, here’s the answer. Haha~! I’m using this book for about a year now. This wasn’t my first book but this is the … Continue reading

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Simple Make Ups for Prom

Yes,i’m still awake. Actually i just woke up. This is the only time that i can be able to go online,in midnight. It’s 3.41 according to my laptops clock. Haha so good morning. I’m looking for a good make up … Continue reading

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Lunar Eclipse in Japan (Part 2)

Different angles of the moon from last night’s lunar eclipse. From Yumi’s Camera…     Nice shots,best!!!

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Lunar Eclipse in Japan

I took a picture of the moon last night cause i heard Lunar Eclipse will happen. So Yumi, Aki and i went to the top of our apartment to experience it. And these are what we got. I don’t know … Continue reading

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Trip to Keio University

WELCOME TO MY FUTURE SCHOOL – KEIO UNIVERSITY! Lol,my DREAM SCHOOL. I really wish to be enrolled here. Anyway,Passed by at the Keio University one Saturday afternoon.            Wait for me,Keio!!!!

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Accident Prone Celebrant

They said that when your birthday is coming you are accident prone person but i really don’t believe it. I celebrated my birthday many times and never been to accident yet until this year…. Last week, I was walking down … Continue reading

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