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My Singaporean Trip

Whew~ truly miss posting here. I’m not busy now so i have time to post here somehow,hahaha! Let’s see. This blog became so boring ne? Sum’masen deshita. Anyway. I just saw this old pictures from my files while searching for another … Continue reading

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I remember someone requested to me to upload my pictures playing in the snow…hahaha here!     Two kids playing in the snow too.   Merry Christmas everyone!

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Okinawa Food

Second day in Okinawa,we went to this restaurant. I forgot the name (^^)V Peace. Sorry but the food is really delicious. I really love Okinawa food cause it’s fresh! Hahaha    Itadakimasu~! If you plan to to go to Japan,visit … Continue reading

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Views of Mt. Fuji from Tokyo

What a nice day…We can see Fuji-san clearly! Did you know that…only 20% of Mt. Fuji is visible if you are in Tokyo during clear day. It’s kinda far from Tokyo and it’s was hidden from the Tokyo’s highest building. … Continue reading

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Application for Foreign Student Exchange Program

Yesterday,i applied to the Foreign Student Exchange Program in our school. The offer is to study abroad for one year and experience the life in other school. Our school offers Malaysia,Singapore and Paris. I wanted this so badly,anywhere will do … Continue reading

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Roppongi Hills Sky Deck | The Pantry

If the last time,i went to Omotesando Hills with Yumi,this time,i went to Roppongi Hills with Yumi again (LOL,we’re always together every minute of everyday) plus Akira and Riko (new friend). Yippie!! They decided to come with us to try … Continue reading

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FTV Tour | Takoyaki Museum

Went to Odaiba today with my “always-late” best friend Yumi. I waited for 30mins. to her. I said “11am sharp,don’t be late” but still she came 11:30am in Odaiba. We visited the Fuji TV office in Odaiba. Fuji TV 2-4-8, … Continue reading

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