What a good start, 2013~!

It’s 4.13AM according to my clock and I’m bored! I’m here at this Hospital near our house. Yes, I’m here at this boring hospital. It’s so quiet and i can’t sleep. I was brought here last Friday night after I collapsed for the reason/s I don’t know! Haha I don’t remember anything. All i can remember is I’m reading messages on my phone then no more…

No worries, I’m fine now. I’m very very good. I’ll be out tomorrow. Diagnosis is, I have an abnormal heartbeat and low blood but I’m fine. I think, I’m just to tired and no food in the stomach all the time because I’m always busy. I have school in the morning, piano practice in the afternoon and I’m working at night. YES, I’m working. And I just realized that I can’t study and and work at the same time. It is hard. I go to school late and I come home late and I don’t have time to eat. When I got home, I go straight to bed them *boom*…DEAD! Haha most probably, the reason why i passed out. All i need are REST, FOOD and ENOUGH SLEEP, I guess.

IMG_2809 Cami1
My mom brought me my cellphones, the Docomo and the Iphone4 and the Ipad to beat the boredom. Good, I need to be hospitalized to use these again. I miss all these. I haven’t been using these for a month now! Haha the Iphone4 has no service inside the hospital? Haha Honestly, patients are not allowed to use cellphones while being hospitalized because they are under observation. Haha Very Good, Mikaela! The Chocolate was from a friend, Riko. Thank you very much.

cami2 cami3
And these two lovely flowers are from friends. I also received a very much special SMACK from my best friend Yumi. Wow, Yumi, I love you too. And i just found out that it was coming from NC. That was hard. Thank you very very much~! Sorry for worrying you guys.

Thank you, 2013! What a good start! I’ll be out tomorrow~! Yahoooo~! Good night Everyone!

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Thank you 2013! 

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Christmas Gifts For Me From The Philippines~!

Arrived at December 24, afternoon! These are really important to me because very important people gave these to me as my Christmas gifts. Thank you very much~! From the bottom of my heart, super thank you. These are really precious to me.

IMG_3124 IMG_3125
IMG_3134 IMG_3135
JD: Thank you so much! I love the shirt and the clip and the necklace so much! Pardon my gift,it’s just that i don’t know what your favorites or likes…make it up next Christmas! Thank you.

IMG_3126 IMG_3127
IMG_3137 IMG_3138
NC,Thank you~! Thank you for buying Yums her manila shirt and for buying my dad a Philippine Jeep. Haha Daddeee loved it so much~! Next Christmas again~! 143!

IMG_3132 IMG_3133
MP: Thank you for delivering our gifts and for being my friend who helped me a lot. I know we don’t don’t much but i’m happy to be friends with you and meet you. See you soon when you come back~! Thank you for all the gifts, this is too much!!! Thank you.

We will see each other soon~!

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How do i learn to speak English?

Many people and many friends of mine keep on asking me why i can speak English fluently? Well, here’s the answer. Haha~!


I’m using this book for about a year now. This wasn’t my first book but this is the latest that I’ve been studying. I carry this anywhere and everywhere. I’m really happy to talk to many foreigners so i can improve my English. And i’m studying Brazilian Portuguese too,since I have a blood. Haha


Anyway, focus first in English because i still have to learn especially grammars,haha~!


Thank you to this book~! Haha

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Tadaima~! | Happy New Year~!

Hello Everyone~! Happy New Year!!!


It’s been a long while since the last time i posted something here and i miss this blog so much because what’s inside of this blog are all about me after all…I’m happy to be back~!! Promise to update this blog on anything about me and my journey.


Had family dinner yesterday for new year~! Gochisousama deshita~!

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Irony Of Life

When you are still useful, you will be taken care of. But the moment they find someone better…they won’t even remember how useful you’ve been to them.

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No guts to remove friends so why not deactivating my own account? Happy now???
Two main will be next.

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