Dying Wish #1

I hope i can play this for him before i’ll die. But i can’t read piano notes so well, honestly not totally at all. Only a bit. Didn’t i say i only play piano by ear?! Haha But i will do my best to play this for him~! Good luck to me~!


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Death is inevitable.

ImageWhen i was kid, when my grandmother died because of a terrible disease. I was so much in pain and i can’t manged to look at her until the last time. I just cried so much because i was really close to her. But after the funeral, every time when i’m alone, i was thinking “how will i die?”, “In what age?” haha funny right? But now, i’m curious about death?!

Can you believe that i’ll have same fate as her?! Haha


No one can confidently say that he will still be living tomorrow. 


While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die.
Leonardo da Vinci 

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We are celebrating Valentine’s day differently. Well for us girls,haha~! Well, everyone know that Valentine’s day is for Couples only right? Like having romantic dinner, or giving chocolates and flowers on the day of February 14. But for us Japanese, we are celebrating Valentine’s day by giving the boys, chocolates or candies. Yes, valentine;s day is for boys only. Haha But we have “White Day” for Girls. It’s the time for voice to give back to give chocolates to the special girls, like friends, crush or loved one. Even for mothers. AMAZING? Isn’t it? Haha “Valentine’s Day for Boys” and “White Days for Girls.

Hmm? How many Chocolates or candies will be receiving today?! Haha HAPPY WHITE DAY~!

Click to know more about WHITE DAY. But this also explains more. Haha

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ハピネス〜! | オールドトラッフォード、ロンドン

ただいま〜!私を欠場? haha 香川真司の試合を見にオールドトラッフォード、マンチェスターに行ってきました。


capture-20130314-033210 shinji1

capture-20130314-032410 capture-20130314-032449

capture-20130314-032516 capture-20130314-032538 capture-20130314-032552 capture-20130314-032628 capture-20130314-032657

capture-20130314-032729 capture-20130314-032746
capture-20130314-032911 capture-20130314-032929

capture-20130314-032953 capture-20130314-033011 capture-20130314-033035 capture-20130314-033119
capture-20130314-032812 capture-20130314-032844

マンチェスターウォン 4ー0。 おめでとうございます〜!


在庫無し! Grrr~!

見てください~! 真司さん最高〜!楽しんでください〜!

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Late Valentine Date with the Dentist and Friends~!

Hello Everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day! Late greetings, sorry! Haha Really busy with work and school so i have no time to update this blog. Anyways, how’s everyone? I hope you are all okay?! Well. i’m doing okay! After the hospitalization last January, i’m okay now! Thank you for all the care. Scheduled to tightened my braces today, My chums accompanied me to the dentist. So pwetty~! Haha

22222 cami

Then hopping around Minato to eat for our late Valentine date. Haha I bought chocolates to give to my male friends last Feb 14, but i didn’t hang out with them because of work! I miss them so much~!!! We will be watching a piano competition tomorrow that i was supposed to be a part of but *Sigh* bad news. I’m really sad cause i had to backed out from the competition. Ouch! No time to practice because of busy days! HUHU! I’m so rusty now on piano. i haven’t been playing for about 5months now. I forgot all the keys already! Haha  Thanks to the busy me! Haha

Anyways, bye!

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Thanks for this~!

While at the hospital. This what my right  hand looked like. From Yumi’s phone, she took a pictures of me while sleeping.


I won’t be hospitalize again, promise! It’s so hard!

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Hello, I just got home from the hospital and i’m really happy!! Haha I’m very good now,nothing to worry about! The doctor said that i just need is a total rest and eat nutritious food. DON’T SKIP MEALS, that’s the #1 advice to my mom.

Thank you for taking care of me at the M********* Hospital.

I had these when i got home. Thank you for my Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and for my one box of Meiji Chocolate. Thank you very much~!

IMG_3021 IMG_3284 IMG_3285 IMG_3290

Thanks for all the messages and care and support and everything! I feel so loved!

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